A guide to Astrophysical Software from Astrobites.

How we installed python on your laptops

Programming Tutorials:

  • Lynda - Simply go to login > organization > enter > sign in with your UT ID and you have access to tutorials for most programming languages (sadly, they do not have IDL)
  • Python tutorial (download here)
  • Learn IDL

Text Editors:

  • Emacs - should be available on your computers (just type "emacs" in command line)
  • VI - also available on your computers (type "vi" in command line), tutorialcheat sheet
  • Aquamacs
  • Sublime ($70 for a license, but the trial period is unlimited) 
  • TextMate ($42.50 with student discount)
  • TextWrangler 



All of the Above:

  • Unix, Emacs, and IDL tutorial all lumped together (a lot of reading, but lots of useful information)


This is growing in popularity as people look to share their code on the internet. You might consider creating an account and using Git. 

  • Version control and why everyone should use GitHub
  • Tutorials and cheat sheets