How To Apply

Application Instructions 

The Summer 2023 program will run from Sunday, June 4th through Friday, July 7th. The application deadline has passed.

Instructions for completing the application can be found here.  Your letter writers will not be able to upload their recommendations until you submit your application. It is therefore imperitive that you submit your application immediately upon entering the required information. Your letter writers will be able to upload their letters even after the application deadline has passed. 

The essay should contain a minimum of 250 words and the document should be double-spaced and uploaded as a .pdf attachment.  In your essay, please address one of the following items:  

a.    Discuss your present academic focus.  What interests you most about chemistry?
b.    Describe one or two or your significant accomplishments or life experiences, noting your age at the time, and what each meant to your self-development. 
c.    Discuss an individual who has influenced you.  What are the attributes of this person that you most admire?  You may draw from fiction, biography, or your own experience.

You will also need to arrange for two letters of recommendation to be uploaded to your application.  Recommenders can be teachers, counselors, mentors, or others who are familiar with your academic achievements or personal character.  Parents and family members are not appropriate recommenders.  

Application Requirements (your application will not be complete until you complete these final steps):


We prefer to receive transcripts directly from your school's registrar's office.  These should be sent in PDF format via email to  If your registrar will not send transcripts via email, a student copy will be accepted.

[NOTE: Beginning with the 2022 program, WSSP considers standardized test scores as optional.] If your transcript does not contain your standardized test scores, you should submit either a scanned copy of a paper score report in PDF format (preferred) or screen shots of your scores from the College Board website.  These should also be sent to  We prefer SAT scores, however if you have not yet taken the SATs then PSAT scores will be accepted.  If you have taken both, please send only your SAT scores; do not send both.  If you have also taken the ACT, please include those scores as well.

Students may also send emails to Brenda Baxendale at if they have any questions, but due to potential high volume, response times may vary.  Please be patient and do not send multiple inquiries as this will only further delay a reply.