About EuroWD

The European Workshop on White Dwarfs (EuroWD) is the largest and most important meeting for astronomers studying white dwarf stars.  The workshop began in Kiel, Germany in 1974 with a small group of astronomers and is now attended by nearly 150 people from over two dozen different countries and with varied scientific backgrounds.  We gather every two years to present new ideas and advancements, and to build and maintain close collaborations and friendships. 

This year's workshop will be the 21st in the EuroWD series and the first held in Austin, TX to celebrate and honor the scientific contributions of D. Winget and S. O. Kepler.  We look forward to hosting everyone and hope to provide the white dwarf community with yet another productive meeting.

Past workshops were held in:

20th - EuroWD 2016 Warwick, United Kingdom, 25-29 July, 2016
19th - EuroWD 2014 Montréal, Canada, 11-15 August, 2014
18th - EuroWD 2012 Kraków, Poland, 13-17 August, 2012
17th - EuroWD 2010 Tübingen, Germany, 16-20 August, 2010
16th - EuroWD 2008 Barcelona, Spain, 30 June - 4 July, 2008
15th - EuroWD 2006 Leicester, United Kingdom, 7-11 August, 2006
14th - EuroWD 2004 Kiel, Germany, 19-23 July, 2004