Austin Info

Below you will find a map of the UT Austin Campus and surrounding area with important locations marked with symbols.  These symbols are explained in the legend beneath the map.  To download a high resolution PNG version of this map, use this link

An interactive Google Map version also exists to aid in obtaining directions to various places shown below.  The Google Map version contains additional locations not shown below, including the Austin Bergstrom International Airport, useful bus stop locations, and cool places on campus you want might want to visit.

UT Austin has also created a few useful maps which can be found on the official UT Austin Maps Page.

Map Legend:

(C) Important Conference Related Locations:

  1. The Texas Union, the venue for EuroWD 21 talks and poster presentations.
  2. San Jacinto Hall, the primary housing option for EuroWD 21.
  3. Bus stop for buses #7 and #10.  Useful for getting to/from downtown Austin.
  4. The UT Club at the UT football stadium, the location of Thursday night's banquet dinner.
  5. Duren Residence Hall, the secondary housing option for EuroWD 21.
  6. Bus stop for the Airport Bus #20, as well as other general city buses, closest stop to the Texas Union.

(P) UT Campus Parking Garages

  1. Brazos Garage, closest option for San Jacinto Hall with easy access from Martin Luther King Blvd.
  2. Manor Garage, closest option for the banquet dinner location.
  3. San Jacinto Garage, nice general location garage, equally far from all conference venues.
  4. Speedway Garage, close to Duren Residence Hall.
  5. San Antonio Garage, closest option for the Texas Union, our conference venue.

(M) Miscellaneous Locations, On and Off Campus:

  1. UT's physics, math, and astronomy building.  Astronomy department located on 13th and 15th - 17th floors.
  2. UT clock tower, an easily identifiable landmark.
  3. Gregory gym, a full workout facility.  Paid access available on an individual basis.
  4. Direction towards downtown Austin, 1 - 1.5 miles away.
  5. Hampton Inn & Suites, an off-campus housing option.
  6. Double Tree Inn, an off-campus housing option.
  7. Star of Texas Inn, an off-campus housing option.