Colgin lab publishes in Nature Translational Psychiatry

January 10, 2024

The Colgin Lab published a research article entiteld, "Ank3 mouse model of epilepsy-bipolar disorder comorbidity" in Nature Translational Psychiatry. The research reveals the potential comorbid role the gene ankyrn 3 (ANK3) may play in bipolar disorder and epilepsy. ANK3 is a leading bipolar disorder (BD) candidate gene and has also been shown to be invovled in neuronal excitation-inhibition balance. Colgin and colleagues explored the behavioral overlap of these disorders in Ank3-1b knock out mice and found abnormal patterns of sleep and waking behaviors as well as neocortical oscillation disturbances.  These results identified a novel EEG biomarker associating Ank3 genetic variation with bipolar disorder and epilepsy and suggest modulation of neural oscillations as a potential therapeutic target for these conditions.

Villacres JE, Riveira N, Kim S, Colgin LL, Noebels JL, Lopez AY. 2023. Abnormal patterns of sleep and waking behaviors are accompanied by neocortical oscillation disturbances in an Ank3 mouse model of epilepsy-bipolar disorder comorbidity. Transl Psychiatry. Dec 20;13(1):403. DOI: 10.1038/s41398-023-02700-2