Most of my projects are hosted at

Software developed in the Keitt Lab:

  • odeintr, ODE solvers compiled on-demand
  • rgdal2, a much improved version of rgdal (still in progress)
  • rpg, highly convenient connection between R and PostgreSQL (a relational database system)
  • mvcwt, an R package for wavelet analysis of multivariate time series. See this paper. Now available on CRAN.
  • rgdal, which enables GIS applications in the R statistical computing environment (Number 62 of top 100 downloaded packages.)
  • trifield, an R package for plotting ternary heatmaps and contours
  • meshpoly, a utility for generating triangular meshes
  • postgraph, Boost Graph Library algorithms in the PostgreSQL backend
  • I wrote the original rpgsql (no longer maintained; the name "rpgsql" has been reused on CRAN for another unrelated package)
  • I was an early contributor to the R DBI initiative
  • I implemented a very fast fuzzy string matching algorithm in PostgreSQL (static allocation gives an order of magnitude improvement in speed)
  • Former student Naiara Pinto wrote a landscape analysis package called LORACS.

Software we use (and contributed to in some cases), but did not write:

University-licensed software

I am the point-person in the College of Natural Science for the UT ESRI site license. A full suite of GIS tools, including ArcGIS, is available to all faculty labs in the College of Natural Sciences. Contact me if you would like to obtain installation media.