Map of Texas

Postdoctoral Scholar – Climate change research

March 25, 2021

The Keitt Lab[1] at the University of Texas at Austin seeks a postdoctoral scholar to join our team. With funding through UT’s Bridging Barriers program[2], we are investigating how climate and landscape change is affecting the biogeography of species and communities across Texas and beyond.  Candidates with interests in landscape genetics, eco-evolutionary dynamics or near-term iterative forecasting are especially encouraged to apply.

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Green Jay Banding

Choke Canyon Green Jay Banding

December 27, 2020
I was recently at Choke Canyon State Park and banded a couple of Green Jays. Extra bonus was seeing the Spotted Rail that has been hanging around in the park.

NSF Award

September 17, 2020
Our Mongolia project "CNH2-L: Using Sound to Advance Conceptual Frameworks of Resilience of Integrated Grassland-Pastoralist Systems" has been awarded by NSF. The project will examine resilience in the context of traditional ecologoical knowlege and soundscapes. This is in collaboration with folks at Purdue and Read more about NSF Award