News & Events

5-17-2018  Nigel Atkinson, Annie Park, Chris Stojanik, and Thilini Wijesekera attend the Int. Behavioral and Neurogenetics Conference in Rochester, Mn. Annie Park gives a selected abstract talk. Chris Stojanik and Thilini Wijesekera presented posters. 

5-4-2018  Chris Stojanik presents at the Undergraduate Research Forum and wins the Frank Alexander DDS Award for Excellence in Neuroscience. 

2-11-2018  Annie Park gives a TEDxUTAustin talk (

11-20-2017  Chris Stojanik recieves the prestigious Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF). 

11-11-2017  Thilini Wijesekera presents a poster at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting in Washington D.C. 

10-3-2017  Nigel Atkinson, Annie Park, and Thilini Wijeserka present posters at the Cold Spring Harbor Neurobiology of Drosophila Meeting in Long Island, NY. 

8-15-2017 Tracy Tran recieves first seat for Touro College of Dental Medicine in Hawthorne, NY. 

6-24-2017  Nigel Atkinson attends and presents a poster at the Annual Research Society on Alcoholism conference at Denver, CO. 

5-16-2017  Nigel Atkinson, Alfredo Ghezzi, and Annie Park attend and all present a talk at the International Behavioral and Neurogenetics Society Conference in Madrid, Spain. 

4-12-2017  Tracy Tran, Linda Gutierrez, and Chris Stojanik present a poster at the Undergraduate Research Forum.