Non-Major Options

Taking Actuarial Classes as a Non-Mathematics Major

You do not have to be a major in the College of Natural Sciences to take actuarial science classes or to become an actuary.  If you learned about actuarial science late in your college career, you can keep your original major, prepare for actuarial exams in our classes, be competitive for actuarial jobs/internships, and still graduate on time.

Some of the common nontraditional paths to the actuarial career are majoring in Business or Economics and taking actuarial science classes to supplement your degree.  Combining your actuarial education with a major in business or economics provides an excellent mix of both analytical and business skills.  Students interested in taking actuarial classes must have completed a two semester calculus sequence (M 408C&D, M 408K&L, or M 408N&S).  

Sample Course Plan

Each student has a unique background, individual strengths and weaknesses and varying goals, therefore, each student will have a unique course plan.  After completing two semesters of calculus, students typically take:

M362K (Probability) to help prepare for SOA/CAS exam P

M329F (Interest Theory) to help prepare for SOA/CAS exam FM