Ofir Levy

Postdoctoral Scholar
Ofir was a postdoc on our NSF Macrosystems grant and part of the Angiletta lab at Arizona State.

Alison Northup

Graduate Student
Alison is interested in plant water resources, hydrological strategies of trees, and the effects climate change on tree water availability.
Gabriela Perez

Gabriela Perez

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Gabriela Perez is an electrical and computer engineering student at the University of Texas at Austin. She hopes to learn about the different ways technology Read more about Gabriela Perez

Andria Salas

Andria works at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.
Brian Stokes

Brian Stokes

Graduate Student
I am originally from Jacksonville, FL and got my B.S. at the University of Florida.  I fell in love with birds as a kid in my backyard.  Through my Read more about Brian Stokes