MSI Workshop

2023 workshop


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  • Exciting program covering all aspects of Mass Spectrometry Imaging
  • Two full days of classroom instruction (maximum of 15 attendees, August 1 and 2.)
    • Basics of MSI instrumentation
    • Sample preparation, including enzymatic digestion
    • Fundamentals of imaging experiments
    • Data processing and statistical analysis
    • Examples of MSI studies
    • Opportunity to interact with vendors
  • One optional day of hands-on instruction (maximum of 5 participants per day, July 31, August 3, and August 4)
    • Participants will gain experience with all parts of sample preparation including; tissue sectioning, washing, staining, matrix application, and image set up
    • Opportunity to interact with data analysis software
    • New this year, lab days will be Instrument Vendor focused.  All days will have the same sample prep and data analysis experience
      • Monday, July 31 - focus on a Thermo Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer with a MassTech AP/MALDI Source
      • Thursday, August 3 - focus on a Bruker timsTOF fleX Mass Spectrometer
      • Friday, August 4 - focus to be determined based on attendee preference
  • Contact Erin Seeley ( for more information
  • Register by Monday, July 10
    • Because of generous CPRIT funding and Sponsor support, there is no registration cost to attend this workshop

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