Working Groups


  1. Atmospheric Neutrinos Flux : Ty DeYoung (MSU), Paschal Coyle (CPPM)
  2. High-energy Neutrinos Flux : Hallsie Reno (Iowa) , Maria Garzelli (U. Hamburg)
    • prospects for new measurements at present and next generation neutrino observatories (IceCube, IceCube-Gen2 and Km3Net)
    • theory predictions on high-energy neutrino fluxes and their uncertainties
    • prospects for new laboratory measurements to reduce uncertainties
    • correlations between neutrino fluxes and fluxes of other particles
  3. Tau Neutrinos Studies : Jason Koskinen (NBI Copenhagen), Paul Koojiman (NIKHEF)
  4. Solar Neutrinos :  Mark Chen (Queens), Michael Smy (UC Irvine)
    • explore the tension in Delta m^2 values between KamLAND and the global solar best fit by examining the MSW calculation in the Sun and possible extensions
    • study solar neutrinos in Hyper-K by understanding backgrounds (e.g. spallation) and how to reject backgrounds
    • examine the particle physics potential of low energy solar neutrinos: CNO, pep, lower energy B-8
  5. Systematics in Accelerator Neutrinos : Xin Qian (BNL), (Kam-Biu Luk)(UC Berkeley)
    • systematic uncertainties in neutrino-beam production
    • theoretical challenges in calculating nu-nucleus interactions in a few GeV energy region and event generators
    • optimization of near detector design
    • deconvolution of flux, cross section, and detector efficiency
    • systematic issues in identification of nu_mu and nu_e events and evaluation of background
  6. Sterile Neutrinos : Carlo Giunti (INFN Turin), Milind Diwan (BNL)
    • Sensitivities of reactor and source neutrinos to active-sterile oscillations.
    • Theoretical prediction of the reactor antineutrino flux and its uncertainties.
    • Systematic uncertainties in reactor and source neutrino experiments.
    • Short-baseline accelerator neutrino oscillation projects.
    • Sterile neutrino effects in neutrino mass measurements.
    • Sterile neutrino effects in long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments.
    • Effects of sterile neutrinos in cosmology and astrophysics.
    • Theoretical motivations (models) for light sterile neutrinos.