iNaturalist is an app that makes citizen science easy

What is iNaturalist? 
iNaturalist is an application for smart devices that allows users to submit biological observations regardless of prior knowledge. If you aren't able to identify your observation, active experts in the community will help you. Our project is a collection of all research-grade observations in the Waller Creek Watershed, which can be found here.

Additionally, there is an article that provides a more comprehensive overview of the application. 

How to download 
iNaturalist is available for Android and iOS

How to use

  1. Create an iNaturalist account
  2. Join our iNaturalist Project 
  3. Make sure your device's location is turned on
  4. Take a photo of a living thing (plant or animal) within the iNaturalist application
  5. Enter all the information you can about your observation 
  6. Click "Help Me ID this Species" if you are not sure of its name
  7. Press "Projects" and select Biodiversity of Waller Creek 
  8. You're all set! Thank you for contributing to valuable research!