Manage Users

The People section of the Control Panel allows you to invite others to become members of your site. Members of your site will be able to post content and see private posts intended for site members only. They will also be able to delete posts that they have created from your site, but not other posts.

Admin People (Make Administrator) will have the same permissions as regular members. Additionally admins will be able to delete any content and access the control panel to enable apps and change the layout.

Inviting Members To Your Site

To invite a member to your site, click on the People menu link in the Control Panel. This area will display a list all of your site's members.

To add/invite a new member, click on the Add a user to your site link in red. A new window will appear giving your the choice of finding an existing user or adding a new user. It is recommended that you first check to see already exists. To do so, begin typing the user's name and the auto-generated list of People and their email addresses will appear as you type. Select the person's name and then the 'Add' button.

If the user does not appear in the list, then click the + Add new user link and fill in the form with the user's information. In this case, you are creating a new user account for the person. The individual will be notified via email that you've requested that they be a member of your site.


If you would like for your additional People to log in using their UT EID's you should first have them log onto CNS Sites at They do not need to do anything else besides log on. This will automatically enter them into the CNS Sites system. Once this is done you should be able to click on 'Add User' and the system should now recognize their EID.

Removing Membership

You can remove a user's membership from your site within the People area by selecting "Remove membership" for the corresponding member.

Admin Privileges For Your Members

The People area also allows you to grant administrative privileges to People. When People become members of your site, they are non-administrators by default. This means that they can post content to your site but do not have any access to the Control Panel. Thus they are restricted from all administrative site configuration.

You can grant administrative privileges to specific members. To do this, click "Make Administrator" for the corresponding member. Site administrators can access the Control Panel and have full administrative rights to your site.

You can also revoke administrative privileges from a member by selecting "Remove administrator status" for the corresponding member. The user will still retain membership to your site, but will not have full administrative privileges.