April 2024:  Our Glioblastoma study of transcription factor REST and its inhibitor is published in BMC Biology.  Svetlana really lifted weight in this project. Congratulations to all the co-authors: Svetlana, Qian, Haley, Daniel and Wanjie!

March 2024: Our first EM structures are accepted in PNAS. Great work, Wantae!

Feb. 2024: Welcome new Zhang Lab member Kangsan Kim.

Januaray 2024: Haley's review article " Collaborators or competitors: the communication between RNA polymerase II and the nucleosome during eukaryotic transcription" is online.






June 2023: Graduate student Mo Guo presenting in Texas Mechanism Meeting.


May 2023: Mukesh received his PhD degree.  Congrats, Dr. Kumar


April 2023:  Wendy makes a new start with her retirement life.


March 2023: Dr. Jessie Zhang chairs theme "protein machines and disorderness" in Annual Meeting for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Seatle.