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Sept. 2022: Welcome new graduate student, Mo Guo. From New York, Mo is starting to realize "everything is bigger in Texas".

Sept. 2022: What is your favorite chemical group? I love isonitrile group (so versitile with a soul for service).  Our recent paper on how nature installs isonitrile groups to many chemicals just got published in Nature Communication. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-32870-4


July 2022: Wantae's collaborative paper with Ellington Lab published as cover story in Nature Chemical Biology.

June 2022: Jessie went to celebrate the birthday of Tyrosine phosphorylation


May 2022:  Wantae's collaborative paper with Alper lab about a super-charged enzyme that degrades plastic waste published on Nature.

 publication in JACS!