Sept. 2023, Dr. Zhang is appointed Leon Campell Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry.

August, 2023, Welcome our two direct admit students: John Smailys and Seungjin (Daniel) Kim.

July 2023, Yvette has two first author papers accepted within three days of each other.  This is a wonderful summer!

July 2023, Dr. Jessie Zhang was voted as the vice Chair for the historical Gordon Conference: Enzyme, co-enzyme, and metabolic pathways.  She will serve as Chair on 2025.


June 2023: Graduate student Mo Guo presenting in Texas Mechanism Meeting.


May 2023: Mukesh received his PhD degree.  Congrats, Dr. Kumar


April 2023:  Wendy makes a new start with her retirement life.


March 2023: Dr. Jessie Zhang chairs theme "protein machines and disorderness" in Annual Meeting for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Seatle.