We work with a non-profit high school organization Nova Initiative to tell the beautiful story of Science.

Who is Nova Initiative

We are a group of students at Westlake High School who have a passion for the STEM field and want to share this bountiful, growing specialty with people who may have not considered it as a profession yet. With this program, we hope to educate students on the potential in STEM as well as allow them to make connections with professionals who could aid in their career’s success.


Mission statement:

To introduce students to potential STEM careers as well as facilitate connections with professionals that can aid in their career development.

"A Day in the Life of..." Project

This project is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the self-quarantine position that it has put us all in. This project is a collection of videos from different STEM professionals from a variety of different jobs where they discuss a typical day in their life. The videos are generally very short so that one would be able to explore different professions and possibly find an interesting job that they had never thought of. There is also a video in Spanish, for those whose first language is Spanish.